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  1. P

    E9.2 Standard JDE functions B4309570 & B4302450 fails to retrieve runtime data selection when ran from Smart Scheduler

    Hi, We are on application release 9.1 and tools with windows 2012 servers. JDE job is scheduled using a custom scheduling tool which has feature to override data selection of JDE jobs(UBE). This works fine for all the jobs except a job that is using JDE standard function B4309570-...
  2. J

    E9.2 Orchestrator Report Service Call - Interate Message over

    Anyone come across this. Data Request identify vendors with open po's. Pass vendor # from data request to Report Service request (interate over data request) Message request attaching output of Report request. Problem I'm running into is the Message request cannot iterate over the Report...
  3. A

    Report Interconnection & Job Status Issue

    Hi All, I am trying to retrieve job status of a UBE after calling it from the report interconnect. I need to perform some process after the UBE has completed successfully. In my case I’m calling R42565 from button clicked event, once this report will generate an invoice number based on that...
  4. R

    Version of report available in PROD but not DEV

    Hi, I am currently working on a bug in a version of a report that is in PROD that is used to add leave to employee's timecards, R07311. The fat client that I use for development only allows me to select the Development environment DV910. The version of the report that I need to modify is only...
  5. M

    AP Detail l Report by supplier error message JAVA

    Hi There, I am a novice when it comes to JDE enterprise one .I just joined a company as an Accountant which uses this system and I keep encountering this error whenever I try to run a report (AP detail report by supplier) the message I get in my view submitted jobs is "Please use the latest...
  6. R

    Can't see my changes on DV web for a Batch after deployment

    Hello Everyone. This is weird. If anyone could help me out with something that will be fine. I have done changes on a custom batch and ran it locally. I could see my changes. I get an xml with my changes. Post deployment, I see my changes in the code but when I run the batch on the DV server...
  7. J

    Sales by SKU - Need sales information for bi-annual bank audit

    Hi All, I've nearly gone blind looking at Sales reports that might meet this need... a copy of the excel report currently being used is attached. Can anyone suggest a Sales Report that shows: 1- Sales Amounts (by $$$, not qty) broken down by by SKU 2- with Monthly totals 3- with YTD totals 4-...
  8. Rauf

    Sent Data Selection to a Child Section in RDA

    I have two sections in my report. Both have different business views. The first section ( the parent section) have no CO field in the BV, but the child section have. In the child section, I hard coded the data selection as CO = 00001,00002 etc. Now the user doesn't want hard coding. She wants...
  9. A

    Report Interconnection

    While calling UBE from application not getting data selection and processing option screen. Tried using business function B91300C still facing same issue. Is there any workaround for this?
  10. A

    Report calculation using processing option from date & to Date

    I want to calculate the opening quantity & opening balance in custom report using table F4111.Using Processing option(From Date & To Date) client are going to generate this report but issue is to show data which is less then From Date ,greater than equal to From Date and less than equal to To...
  11. A

    Getting Blank Report In 1st attempt

    I cloned Print Pick Slip Report (R42520) and it was working fine in all the three environments, but from last week users are facing unknown issues while running print pick slip report 1st time they are getting blank and when 2nd time printing getting exact output sometimes it takes 3rd attempt...
  12. A

    R04572 Check Printing

    I created a new version for the check Printing report (R04572) so how would I update the system so that the new version is run whenever i call from application P04571 & P0413M? I defined the custom version in P0417 application still while running R04572 Form P0413M or P04517 it is by default...
  13. A

    Custom ube issue

    I have modified the Custom UBE, added few fields. When I run it in FAT Client, the output comes perfectly but when I run it in DV/PY web Client it is coming blank. I thought it may be promotional issue but cnc guy saying there is no promotional issue. Is there any way to troubleshoot this issue?
  14. A

    Want to Display Customer Aging Data In Report Header

    I created one custom sales report want Aging data of Customer in header of the report like Credit balance, Over Credit Limit, Credit Limit, 31-60, 61-90, 91-120 etc.. (This data is available in P40250 application) I fetched credit limit from customer master and the rest of the field I tried to...
  15. A

    Headerless Detail Form

    Hi everyone, I created one application P554206A (header less detail form) using Business View V554206A Table is F4206. Primary key in table DOCO,DCTO KCO and DOC. The user wants one report R554206 on OK button of the application so that once user completed with data entry user wants whatever...
  16. A

    Report in row Format

    Hi Everyone, Recently I got one report requirement from the retail department in which they required total amount of sales of each individual branch of a particular date and report should be in raw format (please see attached format). This is no update report and using table F4211. I tried this...
  17. B

    Issue with Custom Level Break Header and Level Break Footer

    Hi List, I am fairly new to JDE and this is one of my first reports so bare with me. I am working on E9.1.1. I have a report where I have to do a bunch of calculations for production history. I have a driver section where I have all the calculations I need to put in both of my custom sections...
  18. N


    How does it works? Can Any one tell the procedure?
  19. N

    I want to get selected grid rows in report?

    Hi all, Actually i am working on an application which when selected grid rows randomly in Find/Browse form must be inserted into table when the UBE is called through Report Interconnect in row exit in button clicked event. Like this In grid properties I used multiple select option for...
  20. Rauf

    UBE has caused an exception. Your system may become unstable

    While running a simple 'no update' report, the following error is coming: UBE R5543PRB -- TEST has caused an exception. Your system may become unstable. The log file just says "The report is successfully submitted to the server". Nothing else. So for me, it became a nightmare. The funny thing...