E9.2 Orchestrator Report Service Call - Interate Message over


Anyone come across this.

Data Request identify vendors with open po's.
Pass vendor # from data request to Report Service request (interate over data request)
Message request attaching output of Report request.

Problem I'm running into is the Message request cannot iterate over the Report request so I only ever get in email is the attachment of the last report submitted.

5 vendors with open po's
5 reports submitted to run in JDE
1 email received with the last report attached to it.

Trying this method out because JDE BIP Bursting doesn't work with .CSV, .XLSX files.


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Hi there.. I would do this
1. Driver orchestration only contains the data request and calls another orchestration for each record (i.e. you connection to secondary orchestration iterates over the data set)

2. Secondary orchestration that runs the report and sends the message i.e. contains the report request and the message request