1. E9.2 How to trim in DataRequest ?

    Does anyone have any idea on how to imitate SQL TRIM functionality in Data Request within Orchestrator ? I have a data request based on a UDC but my input isnt working because of all the spaces within the feild which makes it impossible to get the value i'm looking for. Help ?!? :P
  2. E9.2 Manipulate Outputs - Groovy

    Hello, In goovy "Manipulate Outputs" i would like print variables what was defined before (Input, dataselections or from forms) Are you know how to do? I found only how to add print "Thanks for using Weather Forecast". For example how to print variable DOC, KCO, ICU etc...
  3. E9.2 Orchestrator Report Service Call - Interate Message over

    Anyone come across this. Data Request identify vendors with open po's. Pass vendor # from data request to Report Service request (interate over data request) Message request attaching output of Report request. Problem I'm running into is the Message request cannot iterate over the Report...
  4. Any known issues with Orchestrator 3.0.x

    Is there any restriction/limitation on Orchestrator 3.0.x with respect to Custom Objects? Are they supported? Has anyone faced any challenge? I scavenged Support but don't see anything documented.