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Thank you for visiting JDELIST and your interest in advertising on this site.

We offer a rich population of uniquely targeted, well-educated potential buyers who are SEEKING your products and services. Our audience will be responsive to your well-placed advertising on JDELIST.  Your banner ad will be placed on the JDELIST pages that reap the highest volume of traffic.

JDELIST targets the JD Edwards professional who is utilizing JDELIST in conjunction with their search for solutions to JD Edwards, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) challenges and business flow issues. JDELIST Forums receive more traffic than all other JD Edwards related forums.

JDELIST offers its advertiser a real-time web advertising module that allows you to monitor your banner views amd click-throughs.

Terms & Conditions:

- Target URLS must be active at the time the banner is submitted.
- Multiple banners are supported (no more than 3 per channel please).
- Advertiser must provide a URL and may provide a fifteen (15) word(s) alternative text line for each banner.  Banner changes during the insertion must be delivered at least five (15) business days prior to the change.
- Rates are net and subject to change at any time.
- We do not advertise hard liquor, tobacco products, gambling, materials and products or services related to sex, nudity or pornography.
- We do participate in site banner exchanges / trades.
- We do not participate in commission banner offerings.
- All advertisements will be reviewed by our staff and are subject to approval before placement on the site.  We reserve the right to reject any insertion order, graphic, text description or URL.
- Advertisers are limited to one year of advertising per insertion order.
- Advertisers must sign and submit a signed Electronic Advertising Agreement.

Banner Ad Specifications

- Standard banners are in top-of-page position on most pages, in general rotation throughout the site (run-of-site or ROS), in order to maximize exposure.
Banners are also placed within most outgoing emails.
- 728 x 90 pixels (web page ads)
- 468 by 60 pixels (email ads)
- 320 x 100 pixels (mobile ads)


$1,400.00 per quarter
$4,300.00 per year

For more information, including web site statistcs, please Contact us.

  • Published
    May 22, 2020
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