E9.2 Standard JDE functions B4309570 & B4302450 fails to retrieve runtime data selection when ran from Smart Scheduler


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We are on application release 9.1 and tools with windows 2012 servers.

JDE job is scheduled using a custom scheduling tool which has feature to override data selection of JDE jobs(UBE). This works fine for all the jobs except a job that is using JDE standard function B4309570- UBERetrieveDataSelection & B4302450- UBERetrieveDataSelectionCache which retrieves run time data selection. These functions do not retrieve the data selection that is overridden by scheduling tool at run time, instead gets the default static data selection of the version. Overridden data selection at run time by scheduling tool can also be seen in the execution detail of submitted job, however still the functions B4309570 & B4302450 fails to retrieve the same, instead retrieving default static data selection there by printing incorrect data on report.

we cleared runtime cache and UBEOverride folders also from PY server and it also didn't help.

The folder <pathcode>\spec\runtimeCache is used to store the persistent TAM cache files for UBE specs e.g. GBRLINK, GBRSPEC, RDASPEC and RDATEXT.
The folder <pathcode>\spec\UBEOverride is used to store version override specifications e.g. Data Selection, Data Sequencing overrides.

Any inputs or thoughts appreciated.



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So evidently your custom scheduling tool doesn't update everything the normal JDE runtime does ...


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Hi Pranoy,

SmartScheduler uses runubexml for the data selection and processing option override feature. So once we submit the job, E1 controls the rest. Does the data selection of this version reference any system values, Report Interconnect values, etc, or anything that's different from other versions where you are able to retrieve values using the BSFN.

Can you use runubexml directly and submit with the DS overrides and see if you see the same issue. If you do then open an SR with Oracle support also.