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Hi Everyone,
Recently I got one report requirement from the retail department in which they required total amount of sales of each individual branch of a particular date and report should be in raw format (please see attached format). This is no update report and using table F4211. I tried this report, but unable to get exact output.
I'd attached a sample attachment so that u can have a clearer picture.

Any help would be appreciated.


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What's the problem? Make a work file and build a record that looks just like the report you want. Add a section that prints the work file.
This is what's known as a "crosstab" report.
Since RDA is not a real reportwriter, Imitation Crosstabs have to be done like Stank suggests.
A better tool such as Crystal Reports could do this in minutes, but when all you have is a (old) hammer all you can do is pound away.