1. Rauf

    UBE has caused an exception. Your system may become unstable

    While running a simple 'no update' report, the following error is coming: UBE R5543PRB -- TEST has caused an exception. Your system may become unstable. The log file just says "The report is successfully submitted to the server". Nothing else. So for me, it became a nightmare. The funny thing...
  2. Description text column in a tabular report truncating at 24 characters

    I have a tabular report in E1 9.1, Microsoft platform. The report has two "sides" to it, an assets side, and a liabilities side. Format sort of like XXXXXXX 99999.99 99999.99 XXXXXXX 99999.99 99999.99 (not drawn to scale). The text account description values for the Liabilities side come...
  3. How do you a change a No Update Report?

    Does anyone know how to change a No Update Report to a Update Report? A report was copied and I have made changes and realized the orginal person copied this report as a No Update report and it will not run properly. Any help would be appreciated.