E9.2 Clear processing options after report run



We are using a report version RCM41805 as mass update for the item branch records.

It's working fine and we can update the required values but there is always a risk if the user doesn't check all the processing options.
As usual the values of the previous execution by the last user are remaining in the PO's.
This sometimes causes that items are updated with wrong values because one of the users forgot to check all tabs of the PO's.
It wouldn't work to use a secured version with blank PO's because the user needs to enter values in one or more of the PO's to update the data in the table.

Is there any option to reset all PO's to blank of that version after the user started the report?

Many thanks

You can use form extension in the item master maintenance application pass parameters from the grid to orchestration which will in turn pass it to the UBE.

UBE version will always have the processing option as BLANK.
Many thanks for your answers!

I have voted for the enhancement request and will ask my eligible colleagues to do the same.
That would be the preferred solution for me.

Everything else would require capacity of the dev team because they are responsible for setting up form extensions and all other stuff.
As the capacity is limited due to other projects it will take some time.