E9.2 Account Number invalid Error


Hello all,

I am getting Account number invalid error for some account number when i execute the Accounting Report, when i check the work center it is showing that the account number is not available.
As per standard JDE the G/L account number is a combination of (Business Unit-Object Account-Subsidiary), now in my case i checked the G/L account number in work with account (P0901) application there i found that the combination is (business unit - object account) subsidiary is blank but in the accounting report output i am able to see that the debit account is considering the subsidiary also & that is the reason i am getting error in the report while posting.

Now to resolve this we can add the subsidiary in the work with account (P0901) which was blank earlier & again post the batch it will work, but now the end user is saying that if this is the problem then how in the last month in same condition how it posted correctly, & user wants the root cause.

I have checked the last month report there i was able to see that the report output is showing the G/L account number as (business unit- object account) this has not taken the subsidiary.

Please note that the system took the subsidiary from work order header, i tried to remove the subsidiary in the header & tried to post the order but now the G/L account number who has the combination with subsidiary that are giving error.

so now we need to find the root cause that how previously in December the system took the account number without subsidiary even the subsidiary was present in the work order header.
Now in January how the system is taking the account number with subsidiary.

Awaiting for your valuable inputs on the same.
When you say "Accounting Report", are you referring to the GL post? R09801?

As John noted, there is probably an AAI somewhere requiring a subsidiary.

But on a different note, I recommend that you be careful changing information on an existing account. It sounds like you might have taken an existing GL account number with a unique short account ID (AID) that had BU.OBJ and you changed it to BU.OBJ.SUB.

If that's not what happened my apologies, but it sounds familiar. I have seen users do this and it can cause problems. For several months they posted transactions to the general ledger without a SUB and then modified the existing record to add a SUB and posted information going forward with that SUB. From a historical perspective that can look like two different accounts when in fact it was one. To make it worse, at a future date they added a new account number with a different AID but with the same BU.OBJ from before. Then when doing reports by the BU/OBJ/SUB key the data will pull the wrong GL detail.

If you encounter such an error as you describe, all things being equal you should add a new record in the F0901 with a new AID that has the subsidiary. You will first need to find the account you added the subsidiary to and change it back to have a blank subsidiary. Then add a new one with the subsidiary field filled in.