E9.2 JD Edwards Real-Time Financial Reconciliation

Mike Mackinnon

Mike Mackinnon

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Is anybody currently using any of this functionality?

We have taken the ESUs to be able to do this a while back but have problems with running the on-line applications. It seems that the amount of data for some of our companies is too large for the applications and they usually fail. In particular I am looking at application "Companies Out of Balance (P097001)" that works for some of our companies but fails on our largest company that has a larger chart of accounts and a very large data set. Is there anyway to try and make this run "faster" than it currently does as it just can't seem to handle the interactive method for calculating the reconciliation.

I realize there is documentation on Oracle website that says the following:
"Note that functions called by the new financial integrity applications may take time to complete depending on the amount of data a user is processing. The user may get a Web Exception after waiting 90 seconds (common timeout setting). The user could reduce data by selecting one company or increase the timeout. The timeout is set in the jas.ini in the [JDENET] section. Set enterpriseServerTimeout=300000 (5 minutes), restart the JAS instance, and retest the application."

We do not want to tamper with the timeout setting and do want any 'general system slowness' as this tends to aggravate users.

  • Batches Out of Balance (P007032)
  • Transactions to Batch Headers (P0072131)
  • Companies Out of Balance (P097001)
  • Account Ledger to Account Master (P097021)
  • Account Balance to Account Master (P097031)
  • Accounts to Business Units (P097041)
  • Companies by Batch Out of Balance (P09706)

Seems to me that this functionality is really 'not ready' unless the purge programs do something to speed up the process or if anybody knows about anything that can increase the processing speed of this application. I do see some notes on setting up watchlists for the integrity applications but not sure if you run into the same problems? Thanks!!