E9.2 Deleting empty locations


Hello List,
I am a JDE user with just enough knowledge to be dangerous. I am considering a process where we create locations on the fly by tranfering material into them as we pick the material. The locations would be the sales order number. We would ship confirm from these bins and the result would be empty bins which, in theory, would never be used again. I want to exclude these bins from the material allocation process. These created bins are not in the defined locations list so I can't delete from there. I've done very limited and simple testing and the empty bin that I can't delete seems to be the only issue. I have been reading about running the P41542 to remove the empty bins but don't know the impact, if any, on the financial side of the business. What are the impacts? The qty and $$ being deleted is zero on both accounts. We do not use lots. What trouble could I be creating? Is this better served by having a custom report made to remove the empty bins?