E9.1 Obsoleting a Branch


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From time to time, our company will close a store or move manufacturing locations to a new location where financial rules may be different. So, we basically "obsolete" a branch. From what I can see, JDE doesn't really have options to close a branch, but I'm looking to create a checklist of things that need to be done. I'd love anyone's ideas:

  • End date BOM's using BOM Interoperability
  • Delete any unused SKU's in Item Branch
  • Change stocking type for SKU's using Item Master/Branch Interoperability
  • End date pricing using Pricing Interoperability
  • Remove forecasts
  • Update Item Branch Constants (add character to whatever number field is blank so no new transactioncan be created)
Other things you would suggest?
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What about keeping the Branch and change the Address Number that is related to it? You can also use a Cat code in the F0006 to manage all the DMAAIs, so from the finance point, the bookings will be using the value from this CC, so, when you change it, the accounting will change from that moment going forward.
Like B/P is 100 - Cat Code is 100100 -- DMAAIs will use the 100100.xxx.xxx for all accounting - Inventory - COGS - expenses ... in a future change, you move the cat code to 200100 - now the accounting is 200100.xxx.xxx for everything. You will also need to add this value in the F0006 as a CC 100100 then 200100 ... etc. The DMAAIs you will use the Flexible Accounting and setup the F0006.CATCODE selected for this.
and maybe a mass update of the G/K key in all item/BP (plus 'O'bsolete in IBSTKT) and inventory item locations by a "fake" value preventing any G/L entry to be issued...