E9.2 Restrict Ship To Branch by SKU for PO's


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Is there any way in JDE to limit the branch plant where an item is delivered? We have raw materials used in multiple plants. However, the initial delivery needs to always come to one branch. There are several reasons that could be:
  • Raw Material comes by tankerload and main DC is the only place where it can be extracted and stored
  • Testing expertise is only available in one location
  • Regulations prevents large quantities being stored in specific locations
Obviously, we have the system set up with the main DC for MRP purposes. But, that doesn't prevent someone from manually entering a PO to the wrong location. I've checked with Oracle Support, but there isn't a solution in JDE (sounds like there is in PeopleSoft, though...). Anyway, I'm looking to see if anyone had a workaround.

Thanks in Advance