E9.2 Identify and remove old versions of Apps and UBEs


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We are on E1 9.2 and are going through an upgrade. During our last upgrade we didn't take the time to do the housekeeping of removing old versions of Applications and UBEs. I would really like to do that now. I know I can disable the delete button in Submitted Jobs and capture a month worth of UBE versions that are being used and remove old versions. How do I do that type of thing with Applications. I don't expect we would have a lot of Apps but we have some Apps, like P4210, where we have old versions. In particular, versions that are on processing options can be a challenge to track down. Seems like we need to identify that list before deleting versions.

Any help on this would be appreciated.


Do you have object usage tracking turned on? If I understand your signature I think you are on TR which should have that feature. In the past this has been extremely useful for me in determining what is and is not being used by running queries over the tables being populated by object usage tracking.

For batch versions I believe the date last executed in F983051 might be of help if object usage tracking is not or cannot be enabled for some reason. Somewhat limited, I know.

Beware of using only a month's worth of data, though. If you have quarterly or annual processes they might not show up when you select your sample.
Thank you for your reply. We don't have usage tracking turned on but that is a great idea if we did. the tip on F983051 is a great idea. Yeah, I am aware of missing quarterly and annual. Those are by our Accounting team which have detailed process sheets and those jobs should have limited versions. We keep 50 days in submitted jobs before purging but we have users that like to keep their submitted jobs clean.

Thank you for the advice.
markdcci was on it. I didn't know there was good info on F983051. For others - VED is version execution date and shows the last date run, even if it runs across midnight, it shows the next day. VCD is version change date which is the last date it was modified.