E9.2 Resuggest Open Picks



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Hi folks

Does anyone know how we can easily do resuggests for remaining pick quantities? (Open Picks that don't have the stated QTY in the LOCN when someone goes to physically Pick)
R46150 does this for partially shipped SOs but we need this for WOs and remaining quantities on a F3111 parts list

Any ideas other than me cloning a UBE and altering data selection. R46171 for example will delete the old suggestion.
BSFNs of note appear to be N4600030 and N4600170


I found this

If the request was created from a Work Order, the following steps can be taken to generate a new request:
1. Cancel the suggestion for the line in error (3448) in Pick Confirm (P4617). This cannot be done in the P4600.
2. The work order material status will change from 07 (In Warehouse) to 09 (Qty Remaining or Cancelled).
3. Go into a version of the P48013 that calls a version of the P3111 setup for WMS
4. Find the work order in the P48013. Go into the parts list and input the quantity on the line with the material status set to 09 and click save.
5. A new pick request will be generated