Converting the logic in UBE into a BSFN (R31410) - to check Part List LOTN & LOCNs



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Converting the logic in UBE into a BSFN (R31410) - to check Part List LOTN & LOCNs

Hi folks,

Bare with me here......
2 parts to this request

I have a lovely request to check the LOTN and LOCN plus RLOTs selected in the F3111 Parts List. (the can't be mixed LOTN and RLOTs etc)

It has been suggested to populate the WO Parts List (LOTN RLOT LOCN) using the logic in R31410 and if not suitable, call it again in a different version config to free up and clean the parts list (LOTN RLOT LOCN)

Is there a BSFN that does this? Builds the Parts Lists LOTN RLOT LOCN etc for a given WO Parts List (I need to control the LOTNs it picks)
i.e. if there is 100 items on a WO, the LOTN RLOT LOCN selected must have at least 100 Items in it to start.

So I need to take a blank parts list and populate it with my own LOTN RLOT LOCN etc

Failing this I will rewrite the logic in R31410 into a BSFN. As again the user needs notification the UBE logic has ended.


If it's a non configured item look at the logic behind the COPY BOM form exit in the ER.

Form: Work Order Parts List - W3111A
Object: HC Copy from Bill of Materials
Event: Button Clicked
Event GUID: 57dee136-e066-11d1-9ac9-00600832fe19

I did a BOM copy like this with debug on and followed the bsfn logic using jdetrace, wrote my own bsfn, and it worked in the end.
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Thanks mate. I'll take a look

I don't think I need to create the empty BOM as such, I need to check that I can find all the ITMs in that BOM in LOTN & LOCN that have at least the item quantity needed.

So If one BOM line is 100 items, I must a LOTN LOCN with 100 in it. I can't get 2 from 50 + 50

I think...I may just need to loop and test Item Availabilty
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Sry I failed to read correctly :/

I didn't know the R31410 can commit LOTN/LOCN inventory unless it was already on the BOM.