E9.0 Backflush UBE - what's the best way to allocate LOTN LOCN (real time)



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Hi folks

I am working on a solution to backflush inventory used in an external system to do shipping. They provide the ITM MCU etc, but all the ITMs are in a massive gaylord.

My idea was to use frequent schedules of R47121, which reads over F47121 / 122 and let it call XT4114Z1 per record. (as the initial request was to expose and call XT4114Z1 each time)
Question is....we then populate these onto where do I get the LOTN LOCN from? As the external system won't know this.

Is there a good BSFN to call to do this or can I let the UBE decide? Looking at the code though, I think the UBE needs them populated

Or, an I doing this wrong and should I use something else? R31123Z1I?..but I think this is just for WOs


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