E9.2 How best to determine how much a WO 'Can Build' (based on parts list component availability)



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Hi folks

What would be the best way in 9.2 to determine how many finished goods items we can make based on the WOs Parts List and item availability in the WH?
So say we have a WO with a QTY of 10 to make and 4 ITMs on a parts list/BOM and we need 10 of each, but component ITM 2 only has 7 available. So the most we 'can build' in this particular instant is 7.

We have developed an APPL to work this out, which we call 'Can Build' It's an APPL over F3111 and after you enter a WO and click Find it loads the PL and checks availablity. Thing is it does this via R31410 but...it deletes and rebuilds the F3111 records. This is fine in most cases but in some cases it can cause many problems, as you can imagine.
In my example above I update the orignal WO QTY to 3 left to build and make a NEW WO for 7

So are there any new features in 9.2 that would enable us to easily determine how much we 'Can Build' without having to delete and rebuild the PL each time?
If not I will be rewriting this APPL to just loop and check availibilty in a workfile or something rather than actually updating the PL proper