E9.2 JED 9.2 APIs/Integrations


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JDE 9.2 32 bit
Oracle: 19c


I'm looking for any input regarding integrations with JD Edwards and external applications. Currently, my company utilizes BizTalk and SQL Server SSIS Packages for integrations -- SSIS Packages for batch jobs and BizTalk for real time updates.

The IT Department is in the design/development phase of a new project for a vendor software package called Critical Manufacturing. One of the JDE developer groups is researching the use of JDE's RTE (Real Time Events), which is new for all of the JDE developers and the CNCs at my company. Has anyone had any experience with RTE?

1) Is RTE a viable integrations solution for optimal performance?

2) What are the pros and cons of RTE?

3) Is RTE able to handle high volume JDE databases? To give a perspective of my company's data volume, in PD table "F0911 - Account Ledger" has approximately 1.503 billion records and table "F4111 - Item Ledger File (Cardex)" has approximately 636 million records.

4) Other than the integration software packages I mentioned, does anyone have other suggestions for possible integration software?

My main concern has always been performance, which includes future, data growth estimates. For example, those familiar with UBE "R30601 - Bill of Material Structure Analysis" know how long that job can take to run. This job was scheduled to run daily, and it was taking 26 to 32 hours to run. I was tasked with optimizing that job. I am well versed in Oracle's PL/SQL procedural language, so I rewrote it in PL/SQL, and now on average it takes 25 to 30 minutes to run. (Apologies...I got a little off track there.)

Thanks to everyone for any input.