E9.2 Implementing a web based GUI for JDE Budget Entry to get data into the F15L110 and F15L111 Tables



I want to get my users out of JDE for budget entry. Currently they log into JDE, navigate to the P15L11 application, put in their parameters and then they are taken to the budget entry screen .

I need to get them out of JDE. Ideally just a web page where they can pull up the data, from JDE based on their parameters, make updates and submit to JDE which will then update the F15L110 and F15L111 tables based on the inputs they entered into their web form. I can't believe that a company has not come up with an add on solution for this! It would be ideal especially in cases where users only work in JDE once a year for budget entry (non-accounting users) - those are the users that you would prefer to keep out of JDE and instead present them with a simple data entry web page.
What version are you on? I saw a neat trick at conference if you're recent that might be a "best of both worlds"
I'd be interested in a neat trick. I can think of several situations where that might be useful.
For the life of me I can't remember the session, but one customer did this:

1) Using normal E1 dev tools, add a new custom program with a blank form attached to a business view containing all the fields you might need. In GreenTea's case they might want a list of budget fields for a given period.
2) Build the screen in a package build
3) Use Form Extensions to set up the screen with inputs however you want that makes sense
4) Use form extension buttons and orchestration or logic extensions attached to buttons and form events to process the data properly.

It's a mobile app mentality/architecture all within e1. Can be pretty nifty