E9.2 Failed to get extended token



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Dear List,

I came across a situtation where one of the developers complained that when logged into the FAT client for a long period of time they are unable to submit UBE from Object Librarian.
If they log out and log back in they are fine.

The jde logs says something about token.

Is this something that is configured anywhere on how long a session can remain active before throwing these messages?

6616/5144 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Sun Sep 10 17:52:54.779000 jdecsec.c2369
JDENET Error = eConnectionClose

6616/5144 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Sun Sep 10 17:52:54.780000 jdecsec.c3054
Failed to communicate with security server: Unable to locate Security Server

6616/5144 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Sun Sep 10 17:53:13.966000 jdecsec.c752
Failed to get an extended token by using regular token

6616/5144 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Sun Sep 10 17:53:13.968000 lanchube.c2187
Unable to submit R560911ICS JM001. Please check the logs for further details.

That's the global node setup I believe (which if you haven't done it, it's just default.) I usually just tell devs to log off when they're done or restart.

Doc ID 963873.1

Also, I think you're probably seeing this after 12 hours if you haven't over-ridden _GLOBALNODE in P986115.

The default values for the "regular token lifetime" is 720 minutes (12 hours), and "extended token lifetime" is 4320 minutes (3 days). if you need to modify this value, then you must create an entry for the "_GLOBALNODE".