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I am a novice when it comes to JDE enterprise one .I just joined a company as an Accountant which uses this system and I keep encountering this error whenever I try to run a report (AP detail report by supplier) the message I get in my view submitted jobs is "Please use the latest java generator to regenerate form ".I would really appreciate any help in resolving this issue .The IT reinstalled java on my Pc to no avail.

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Kim Schmidt

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Hi mauriceuk1604,
This is something that is happening within the JDE E1 infrastructure, not on your PC. Your JDE CNC person in IT should be able to fix this. I think your company might be using a custom version of the form, so my first approach would be to have them "submit version specs to the server", If that doesn't fix it, there's an older thread here on JDELIST that also might address this - see https://www.jdelist.com/vb4/showthread.php?t=34165 and pass it on to your IT staff. Good luck!