1. E9.2 Capital letters in BSSV XML created by JDeveloper

    Hi, Do you know how to force JDeveloper to create XML tags for BSSV request/response beginning from capital letters? Even I create field in Java class with capital letter at the beginning, created XML tag begins from lowercase. Thank you!
  2. arrozpegao

    E9.1 BSSV Input class as a NODE

    HI guys, I look for information (examples) to see how i can define in JDeveloper a node as input class. I need to create a webservice with dynamic number of rows through an XML file. if anyone can help me o show the way to start i'll really apreciate Thanks in advance. PD: JDE 9.1 ...
  3. Naza

    E9.2 QR Code in PDF with Java

    Hi Everyone, I have been developed a Java aplication that can take a pdf file, open reads the data and after conect to database and take information if needed. Finaly theJava program generate a QR Code (it's can be encoded in base64 for example or other if needed) and put the code in especific...
  4. AP Detail l Report by supplier error message JAVA

    Hi There, I am a novice when it comes to JDE enterprise one .I just joined a company as an Accountant which uses this system and I keep encountering this error whenever I try to run a report (AP detail report by supplier) the message I get in my view submitted jobs is "Please use the latest...
  5. BSSV customize web.xml in the generated war

    I am looking for a smart way to customize (add lines) the web.xml that is generated during the packaging of the JDE Business Services WAR. I currently apply my mods by hand before the deployment to our Weblogic server, but I'd like to find a way so the web.xml package by jde already contains my...