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Hi everyone,
I created one application P554206A (header less detail form) using Business View V554206A Table is F4206.
Primary key in table DOCO,DCTO KCO and DOC.
The user wants one report R554206 on OK button of the application so that once user completed with data entry user wants whatever data he entered in grid it should come in the report after pressing OK.
Means report trigger after pressing OK button with same data which is present in grid that time.

I am unable to achieve this can you please help me?
Your help is appreciated.


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I would create a workfile that you create in the APPL. The records added are based on the records the user selected or is in the grid (whatever you chose)
Give the records a unique batch # UKID off F00022

So in your OK button (this is for records selected)

// Get the first selected grid row
Get Selected Grid Row Number(FC Grid, VA frm_mnSelectedRow_INT01)
// This loop is assuming you have ALL records selected with ZERO gaps
While VA frm_mnLoopCount_INT01 is less than VA frm_mnSelectedGridCount_INT01
Get Grid Row(FC Grid, VA frm_mnSelectedRow_INT01)

Add these to the workfile


Then call the the UBE using the UKID as data selection to process and loop through the workfile
Clear the workfile.

Job done :)