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RE: Vertex with Xe

We have Vertex with XE on an AS/400. We installed the Tax Decision Maker
software on a PC (no ODBC or anything). Tax folks configure the TDM the
way they want on the PC. Then they take an option to export the TDM to a
TXT file.

I take that TXT file and FTP up to the AS/400. Go to the TDM utility menu
on the AS/400 and import the TDM file into a new and empty TDM (relational)

Good to go.

All business functions that call or deal with Vertex are mapped to the
Enterprise server... so there is no special ODBC involved there either.

The G73 menu is where you go to configure the Database connections - but
this does not create or deal with special datasources or ODBC either.
Basically you are just pointing to libraries on the AS/400 that contain the
Vertex data and Vertex programs.

AS400 V4R5, XE+XU1+35ESUs, SP16, NT-SQL7 for CO