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Dear List,

Trying to get some feedback on a JDE instance on SQL Server database. I have observed many querirs running on the database with "program_name" as "Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server".

When I further check these queries based on SPID to determine the hostprocess to trace back the Call Object Kernel - the hostprocess is 0.

The question I have is

- What tyoe of transactions are these querires with "program_name" as "Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server"?

- How can I trace it back to the user or process submitting them?

An example is as a screen shot is attached.

Thank you in advance.

9.2 Release 23
SQL Server 2019
Windows 2019


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Hi Soumen , any sessions showing a program name of Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server would typically originate from a Web Server. try searching for the session in sys.dm_exec_sessions , you will see that the client interface name is JDBC also. Connections from the Enterprise Server would come in as ODBC and the program name would be EnterpriseOne.

I do see all sessions originating from the Webserver have a host_process_id of 0. What is AWPJDEESG1 in your environment? For sessions originating from the web server, it is difficult to trace back to the E1 user unless you have DB proxy users for each E1 user. If trying to track down a specific query you could look in the Database connections runtime metrics of the JVM in Server Manager and see if you can find a matching query. This will still only narrow down to the JVM and not the specific E1 user.