E9.2 Is there a way to communicate the User Computer Name to the Server?

Felipe Vidal

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We are trying to implement functionality that allows us to automate work station-based printing. Our work stations in JDE are either receiving stations using P4312, shop floor stations using P31225 (multiple routes) or shipping stations with P4205.

Each physical work station has its own set of printing devices & we have multiple stations doing the same activity simultaneously. We want to automate hard-copy printing, but we are constrained with the fact that JDE only automates printing with user-based or role-based relationships: we cannot use that, as operators are not married to work stations & we have multiple work stations doing the same activity.

We found a way to fully automate this process (freeing the user from going through Print Selection), but that only works if we pass a specific parameter to the UBEs (workstation ID, which today is manually input). The parameter we are manually communicating today is the identifier "work station", but this is not sustainable with larger customer (due to volume).

We are looking for the system to automatically communicate the Machine ID (This PC - Properties - Computer Name) to the system. We know it's achievable because softwares like Teklynx already do it via plugins.

How can I achieve this in JDE E1 9.20?
This seems simple enough. Why not write a powershell script that JDE calls via the command line. The power shell script adds a record into some database table. The JDE calling program reads the table and you have the data you want about the PC in a JDE app.
B9800181 GetLocalComputerId does exactly this

Not sure how you are automatiing the process but if it's in an Orchestration, maybe add a step to call this BSFN and get szMachineKey