E9.2 Is it feasible for JDE server instance to know my Client PC's properties?

Felipe Vidal

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Hello Team,

We have developed a series of applications that are expected to be working in synchrony with other physical devices: e.g. label printers, normal printers, &c. Collectively they will constitute a "work station".

Knowing that our JDE instance is installed on a Linux Server & that the only information that the users enters through the Web Client is his credentials, is there a way for JDE to somehow be able to retrieve the Client's PC information so it can be mapped to other devices? Like this we can facilitate the operator's activity by having a printer next to him that is already associated to his workstation, so he doesn't need to go to a general printer to retrieve the documents / labels.

WorkstationPrinter IPLabel Printer IP
WSTN00001 (or computer name)PRNT00001 (or printer IP)LBLPR00001 (or label printer IP)

We thought about using the user ID or the role ID as a means to create a link, but ideally an operator should not be married to a single work station & for us having this kind of setup have been a pain when it comes to actually setting so many of them.
Just trying to be sure the ask is clear enough: I'm looking for a way to pass my local machine's (workstation) information to the JDE server so I can create a setup table that associates such machine to a printer or any other device, so I can automate those calls.
No, not out of the box. Although there can probably be a few ways it can be programmed outside of JDE and plugged in, we actually had something like that long time ago.