E9.2 Is there any EDI Process for Sales Order Pricing (F4074)?

Felipe Vidal

Active Member

We are trying to automate our SO creation & one of the things we cannot go around is the specifics regarding F4074, particularly because we divide the Pricing Impact on a SO-basis (thus we can't configure Base Price + Price Adjustments with percentages or other calculations).

However, now we want to automate this portion. I'm using both R47011 (F47011 and F47012) and R47131 (F47131 and F47132) to create the Sales Orders, but now I'm needing to use something to communicate to the Sales Order Creation or Change on the F4074 specifics.

If there any table I can use for this as well?

Hi Felipe,

There is no EDI table for F4074 as such

My previous employer was able to use an orchestration to create a sales order and then read from the Price History front end screen. I would imagine you could go one step further and write an orchestration to make changes to the Price History front end scren.
Hello Felipe,

You might consider adding custom code to R47002C / R47011 depending on how complex your pricing logic actually is. Based on my understanding of your post, you would have R47011 place the order. This happens in the Read/Edit EDI Header section with the function 'R47011 Data Base Update Section'. At this point you could create custom code to read F4074 and then update the current order being processed (RV DOCO:OrderNumber(gv contains the just placed SO, DCT and KCOO are in similar variables) as needed. I don't know what the P42101 is doing in your case, but you might be able to use the same BSFNs and event rules that happen there and recreate the process in R47011. You could be cleaner and put all the custom logic in a custom section in R47011 and just call it from the main section.