E9.2 How to prevent soft commitment on sales order for line type W



Is there a way to prevent commitment when creating a sales order with line type 'W' ?

We have 2 ways to create Work Order in our business. 1: directly by the P48013. we use the P48013 to create inventory for some items when we are low in stock. 2: on sales order with line type 'W'.
We try to find a way to have a clear view of our availability. Example, We have 1000 SF available for the item AAA. Our CSR enter an order of 2000 SF for item AAA with line type 'W' for a customer. Our availability for this item drop to -1000 SF because of the commitment process.
For our business needs, this is false. The 2000 SF to produce will be for this order and will be hard commited at the completion of the work order. We still have 1000 SF available, we would like the system doesn't calculate the commitment for Work Order created by the line type 'W' process.

The solution that come in mind is to not soft commiting line type 'W', but maybe someone have another solution?

Thank you
Sounds like you’re not using Supply and Demand to determine availability and instead are just looking at he basic inventory on hand / commitments. If so you need to switch to Supply and Demand Inquiry (P41021?) which lets you see time phased availability.