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Orchestrations not displaying in FORM EXTENSION MANAGER


I created an orchestration to fill AP values in the address by adding a button , but when i go to associate the orchestration I only have notifications displayed and none of the orchestration is shown to call .

Any idea ?


Have you figured this out? Through trial and error I've developed the practice of only Saving in Orchestrator. I use regular DV using P98220W to check in approve share - after I've tested everything connected to Orchestration. And sometimes I wait a few minutes for things to appear in DV. But I'm a learn as you go person - not a read the documentation person.

If there is a better way, I'm open to it.


No still havent figured it out , i scheduled the orchestration so far for each hour since it doesnt take much time .
Same type of guy man , i`m gona try your way thank you !


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What type of control are you trying to associate with an orchestration?

You can not associate orchestrations with events for the following controls: (as per documentation :) )
- parent child controls
- tree controls
- grid controls
- labels

Have you tried with different forms, events, and controls? And of course, assuming that there are published orchestrations available that your ID has access to?