E9.2 Form filters not working when populated from and Orchestration linked to Form level event



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Hi folks

It is possible to add an orchestration to a form level event, AND it is also possible to add your own BSVE form controls and set them as filters.

So what I have been beavering away with is making a custom config table/UDC to go and get various filter values for different forms. W4210E etc.
When you run P4120 W4210E I call my orchestration and get NXTR and SHAN values and add them to form header filters.

My hope is when the user clicks find the form is filled with various header filters automatically. Now the population side of it works great, I pull in my 2 values and they are populated. However it does not affect the grid data.
I have to manually add the same value (delete and retype the last digit for example) then it works.

So, does anyone have any experience with this kind of stuff and why the filters may not be working when filled in from an ORCH but magically work manually.
I get the same behavious if the Orch is linked to Post Dialog is intialised or before or after etc


Update to this. It does work but only if you assign a value to an existing form filter that is a simple BC filter.
So an ALKY that feeds into a hidden AN8 filter won't work.

NEW fields added by the FORMEXTNS and setup as filters do not work. So if anyone has got that working, I'd be all ears
System Form filters only work on fields that are part of the underlying primary BSVW. Were those not working? Or were these filters implemented in code? I believe W4210E has both.
In FORMEXTNS you can add new fields to the header, that are from the BSVW. Even though it allows you to set a filter, I can't get them to work.

But yes you are right, W4210E is a bit complex in that the AN8 filters are actually ALKY that map to a hidden AN8 when you exit. So that side of it wasn't working sadly.
But for a simple UDO added BSVW field setup as a filter, it should allow you to filter on that new field. For me it isn't