E9.2 Allow input in Associate Orchestrations to Grid



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Hi JDEFriends,

I'm developing a Orchestrator to call LEX to iteractive and update F4072 advance price table. Ok, the development is select files in grid and update a specific column, my idea is create a button with form extension and associate my orchestrator when button clicked and it iterate over the lines selected and pass the value in call orchestrator with Allow Input enabled.
And this works fine! But the problem is the the popup shows for each file selected and we want one time for a value and associate the value to all lines selected.

It's possible¿? Or I'll have to modify P4072 application to add a DD input to application, deploy and add button with form extension and associate this fixed input?

Best regards.
I haven't run into a good way to change behavior of FEXT over a grid. What you ran into is what I've seen this far. I'd love to see who's come up something on this front!
Yeah, in my case as it's a Find&Browse form I add a business view column to header (not applied filter), and associate to orchestrator, and it works as I like. But if they want development in web, should enhance this tools because it's very short (I can't develop press a button after call orchestrator -I like find button-, for example).