E9.2 Adding Orchestrations to APPL Dialog Is Initialised in an APPL that has a WATCHLIST attached - How to differenate 'what' called the form



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Hi folks

I am playing with adding ORCHs to APPL events so they ran as we enter the form. I've done this as I actually go off to CONFIG and prepopulate header fields
I have now added a layer to this R & D in that I can use a custom configuration TBLE to make a watchlist to work differently for 2 different people running the exact same watchlist ;)
Leave Bypass Form Processing off and it will run the ORCH as the WATCHLIST runs :)
I just reference a table with user ID, form name, VERS, OBNM etc and bring back values in an ORCH to populate filters, and this works great!!!!

But.... My code can't tell the difference between a user interactively running the APPL and the WATCHLIST running the APPL

So does anyone have any ideas of how I can get my form level ORCH to work out the difference between an interactive user running the form and the watchlist running the form?
I've made a custom table to capture USER ID JOBN etc and there is no difference between the 2


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I had an orchestration that could be launched several ways (scheduled, from APPL button, from Landing Page) and wanted to be able to tell which method launched it if there were issues. I added an input parameter to the orchestration for LaunchedBy. Then, for each method that launched it I configured it to populate that parameter with a specific value and disabled the parameter for input so the users couldn't change it. The following is an example for the landing page:
You might be able to do something similar.