E9.2 Default Form control valuess by way of form extensibility or Orchestration UDO etc



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Hi folks

I will be developing a custom E1 screen that will call P4617. One of the goals is to pass in a WO # and have P4617 auto filter suggestions.
P4617 doesn't have any FI values to enable me to pass in WO # and I'd do this using ER coding in P4617 no problems at all.
Question is, is there a UDO or Orchestration way to do this without coding in P4617

Can I link an orchestration to a form level event other than a button click? As an idea I have is to populate a worktable with a WO# from form A and then when we wakeup form B invoke a no code orchestration to go off and get WO # based on USER and JOBN and populate it that way. But I think we can only link Orchs to button clicks not Post Dialog is initialised etc


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Yup you can. Rather than adding a button you 1) click the Associate Orch button, 2) click the Control input dialogue, and 3) click the form "border" to expose the form-level events to the Associate dialog.


Very slick!
Oh Dave. You are a life saver

Thanks AGAIN. I hope this is there on my tools release. I'll play tomorrow