E9.2 Prevent the iteration of the Enter Input form


Hi all,
I'm creating a simple orchestration to mass update the Item/branch stocking type based on a multiple selection of records.
The orchestration is basically a Form Request that receives MCU and LITM as input and then carries out the updates of STKT through the following steps: P41026 Find (with MCU-LITM), Select, Set STKT, Select to confirm and then Cancel to go back to the main form.

The end user is supposed to set the Stocking Type as an input variable by clicking the additional button in P41026 added through the Form Extension (Step #1).

The expected result is achieved but the "Enter input" form (Step #2) is prompted repeatedly for each line selected.
This is inconvenient and hard-coding the input value is not an option.

Is there a way to prevent this behavior?
The ideal situation would be to enter the input value (Stocking Type) only once at the beginning of the process.
Any suggestion?



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The orchestration is going to run for each line selected in the grid which means it will prompt you for the stocking type on each line. If the rules for selecting items can be well defined, then you could prompt the user once for filter parameters and use a data request to select the items to update. Another option would be to export the data into a spreadsheet and use my Excel add-in to call your orchestration. The add-in is free and is available to download through Excel. You need Office 365 or Office 2021, and you need to be able to connect to the AIS server via a secure connection (url begins with https). If you are interested, you can see the product here https://appsource.microsoft.com/en/product/office/wa200002445?tab=overview If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.
Dear all,
this is the solution we found in case you have similar needs.
It is enough to store the input data somewhere (UDC or Supplemental DB) with a first orchestration (ORCH_A).
A Form Request or a Logic Extension component can be used for this purpose.
Then a second orchestration (ORCH_B) through the Data Request component can retrieve the input data saved before passing all the input values to a Form Request that performs the necessary update.
Additional refinements can be applied to clean up the values of the UDC/Supplemental DB.
Finally, it is possible to create an additional button through the Form Extension by setting ORCH_A at the Button Click level and ORCH_B at the Post Button Click level.
In this way, the Enter input form is shown just once.