1. cvilac

    E9.2 Warning - Cannot Reserve Order

    Hello I want to automatize the invoice validation whith a button in a Form Extension that it call an orchestration. But I have this warning: "CODE": "42RR", "TITLE": "Warning: Warning - Cannot Reserve Order", "ERRORCONTROL": "1.0.1", "DESC": "CAUSE . ...
  2. E9.2 Is it possible to export the relationship between orchestrations and service requests?

    Hi, In JDE I can find the tables (F95248*) for Orchestrations and Service requests etc., but unfortunately, the relationship between them is stored in a blob so it's not easily exportable. Has anyone found a method to show a list of orchestrations and which service requests / data requests...
  3. E9.2 Identify orchestractions that use a specific service request

    Hi, Is there a way to identify the orchestrations that use a specific orchestration object (service request, rule, connector)? Thanks, Jason
  4. E9.2 Integration of Media Files (PDF) - Orchestrator / Without Orchestrator using REST API

    Hello All, For Orchestrator I understand doesn't support media files such as PDF for integration as per Doc ID 2554263.1 . After going through Oracle, I find there is an alternative - E1: AIS: How to Upload a Media Object Attachment Using Javascript and the /file/upload AIS REST API (Doc ID...
  5. E9.2 Calling RESTAPI using Connector

    Hi All, I am trying to use External REST API using POST method in Orchestration. My input requirement is 3 fields, one of the field is an image and this needs to be send in the BODY? Any inputs would be appreciated. Thank you SM
  6. E9.2 ORCH Send message with Sales Order Information

    Hello All. I'm new to all of this and working on a project to send a message with sales order shipment information. The problem is that I want to show details for multiple lines from the sales order in a single message. I thought I could create an orchestration and run it on a nightly...
  7. Orchestrations not displaying in FORM EXTENSION MANAGER

    I created an orchestration to fill AP values in the address by adding a button , but when i go to associate the orchestration I only have notifications displayed and none of the orchestration is shown to call . Any idea ?
  8. jdecoder

    Consuming AIS Internally in JDE Applications

    Hi All, I have a use case where a user goes into Multiple Forms and applications Multiple times to do the exact same thing. I want to create a JDE Custom application to consume a AIS Orchestration internally. Eg: 1. Create an employee master application for an new hire. (Applications 1 - 3...
  9. Jde IoT Orchestration with Cloud IOT service

    I am able to run orchestration using soap and Orchestration client. Now, I am trying to use out of box integration for jde orchestration in Cloud IOT. Somehow connection is not established with Jde orchestration. Any pointers?