1. ArnoldWillems

    E9.2 Orchestration how to see FREQ updates life in grid row

    Hello everyone! Working in JDE tools release: EnterpriseOne I am currently working on a project in JDE Orchestrator that automates the setup of item cross-references P4104 for the EDI processes P47010. The following Orchestration is activated when there's a "Column exit & Changed"...
  2. E9.2 Logic Extension - {28=DD validation failed for value null}

    I have an Orchestration that has an input of a UKID that is then using a data request to fetch a record from a table. Two of the columns it is fetching are Date Fields where one or the other is populated with a date and the other is populated with a zero. I can confirm this is the case with...
  3. E9.2 How can I configure a Orchestrator to execute with a specific, predetermined userID, independent of the user launching the Orchestrator?

    I want the Orchestrator to consistently log actions under a predefined user account for tracking, security and auditing purposes. This will also help with different security in different applications that the end user might not have. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. cazzafed

    E9.2 P4210 Form Request with Orch

    Hi all, i making an orchestration... It begin with a Form Request. 1. In this case, i would like update DOCO=1478812, DCTO=E2, LNID=3000 but, when i press select and go to 'Detail line' My selected line 3 is positioned in the first. And for te second part of my Form Request, i pass the same...
  5. E9.2 Prevent the iteration of the Enter Input form

    Hi all, I'm creating a simple orchestration to mass update the Item/branch stocking type based on a multiple selection of records. The orchestration is basically a Form Request that receives MCU and LITM as input and then carries out the updates of STKT through the following steps: P41026 Find...
  6. E9.2 Update Multiple Rows in P43090 using Orchestration

    Hello All, We are trying to update Route Code in P43090 using Orchestration. Process Flow is - 1. Create custom UDC with Description 01 = Branch/Plant Description 02 = Supplier Number Special Handling = Route Code to Update 2. Search P43090 with filters as...
  7. E9.1 REST Connector Error

    Hello, I have created a REST connector, it is working perfect in Non-prod environment since we have single server. But the same is not working in production environment and its getting in to the exception with Error code - 504. During initial investigation it is found that it could be because...
  8. ybuffetaud

    E9.2 Check job status within orchestration

    Hi I have made an archestration to launch an UBE via the BSFN B91300C, it will be used by our ETL (semarchy XDI) to manage for exemple our night processes. I want to complete that with another orchestration that wille have the following entries: synchronous/asynchronous option : if synchronous...
  9. E9.2 Get filename from FTP connector and pass to next step adding date along with existing filename

    Hi, Regards, Kaliraj
  10. E9.2 Put a grid on a Fix/Inspect form

    Hi. I'm developing an application with a Fix/Inspect form that call an orchestration and shows static info and values from that orchestration. Now I need to put more orchestration values but in a grid format. Is there some way to put a grid on it? Or do I need to change the form type that I'm...
  11. E9.2 Create orch connector with input array

    Hello everyone, I need to implement a process in which one orchestration call another one. I have orchA that call orchB. The input of orchB is something like the following: { "TRANSACTIONID": "0000000001", "FIELD1": "XXX", "FIELD2": "YYY", "ARRAY": [ { "A": "ZZZ", "B"...
  12. E9.2 Orchestrator history table

    Hello, we espose a service in order to make a data-transfer with a thirdy part supplier. We develop this with orchestrator jde. I would like to read when the thirdy part supplier calls the orchestrator and what is the input done. Is there a table in which are stored this information? Thankyou...
  13. Ashwin Ramkumar

    E9.2 Orchestrator Performance Improvement

    Hi, I've Created an Orchestration which has three form request and Two rules and two custom groovy script and an Message request. The Process time it takes is almost 20 seconds. Can someone please tell on how to improve the performance to process this under 8 seconds or less. Also generally...
  14. E9.2 Need Different output message for same orchestration without message request based on Rule logic

    Hi, I want to show two different messages in JDE application screen based on the orchestration rule check. Calling orchestration through a custom button. Is this possible to show different messages for above condition? Regards, Kaliraj
  15. cazzafed

    E9.2 how to collect value from xml body with groovy

    Hi, i have this XML, i need collect values in <destinatariosEmail> section... any idea or help?
  16. E9.2 Replace ProcessPurchaseOrderReceipt with Orchestrator using P4312

    Hello, We want to replace BSSVs for Orchestrator technology. We are working with ProcessPurchaseOrderReceipt (JP43A000) however when we want to replicate the functionality of the w4312a (form request) we cannot find a way to relate the lines of the form with the ones that are being sent in the...
  17. cazzafed

    E9.2 Help with the add item copying from an existing one

    Hi, im creating a orchestration where i add a Item in P4101 copying from existing one... This already existing item contains Item Branch... Can I also copy the branches and have them inserted in the new item?
  18. E9.2 API tester works but we get error 500 'message': 'Endpoint not defined with real system

    Hello all, I am new to using JDEO, and I am currently stuck at calling JDEO from outside via REST API connection. I made a simple orchestration, it is just a data request which returns a json file. and I would like this data to be called/used from outside systems. My understanding is this...
  19. E9.2 Access Image file using Rest API

    I have project to retrieve Image files from an external server (S3). Looking for direction on how to retrieve Image file from S3 Server using JDE Orchestrator. Any inputs appreciate. Thanks SM
  20. E9.2 JDE Orchestration Business Case

    Hello, We are exploring using JDE Orchestration (to assist in creating sales orders and from extracting customer data) and wanted to know if anyone could provide a business case? Executive management is asking for the business case(s) to determine if the investment is worth the effort ;)...