E9.2 Create orch connector with input array


Hello everyone,

I need to implement a process in which one orchestration call another one.
I have orchA that call orchB. The input of orchB is something like the following:

"TRANSACTIONID": "0000000001",
"FIELD1": "XXX",
"FIELD2": "YYY",
"ARRAY": [
"A": "ZZZ",
"B": "RRR"
"A": "ZZZ2",
"B": "RRR2"

I have created a connector (connector of type Orchestration connector) on the orchB in order to call it from orchA, but when the connector read automatically the orchB parameters, it doesn't recognize the array.
So the json suggested by the connector is the following:

"FIELD1": "",
"FIELD2": "",
"ARRAY": "",
"A": "",
"B": "RRR"

Alternately, I try to create both a Open API connector both REST connector, but seems impossible to create an input that contains an array.
Everyone has some suggestion?

Map system variable Orchestration input ( it will send entire orchestration input(including array) to connector )
Yup! This is the SUPER DUPER fun stuff with orchs.

If you are calling an orch (sub-orch) from an orch (parent-orch), and the sub-orch includes array, you need to switch to "Use Object for Input" in the transformation of the sub-orch. In the parent orch, you build your JSON input (likely using a scripting step just prior to the sub-orch call) into a single string variable, and then pass that and only that to the input of the sub-orch "jde__object".

Have fun!