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im creating a orchestration where i add a Item in P4101 copying from existing one...

This already existing item contains Item Branch...

Can I also copy the branches and have them inserted in the new item?
I think you'd need to use a data request against F4102 after you've created your item in F4101. The data request would query the original item's branch plant records. You'd iterate over that dataset and add a new item branch using values from the data request, but substitute the new item info ITM/LITM/etc where appropriate. Not quite a copy in the strictest sense :)

Should be fun and relatively straightforward!
Yes, I've done this, but when I see the orchestration I don't see it as practical as I had thought...

it would be too practical if when copying the item, the branches are copied to the new :ROFLMAO:

Thanks you so much @DaveWagoner