jde orchestrator

  1. cazzafed

    E9.2 Orchestrator Scheduler problem

    Hi folk, i'm working with Scheduler, but i have a problem. I have a "ORCH_JobsAlert" but this line it's frozen. Besides the user in column "User ID" it isn't my user. Any idea why?
  2. aostdiek

    E9.2 Form Request Username to Populate in Audit fields

    I have an orchestration that updates F0411 records via a form request, that will run on a schedule. What are my options to allow the USER audit fields to be something other than my own since I created the ORCH components, including the Schedule? Would I need to log into Orch Studio, with the...
  3. E9.2 Get filename from FTP connector and pass to next step adding date along with existing filename

    Hi, Regards, Kaliraj
  4. E9.2 ORCH - Performance improvement suggestions

    Hi, Requirement: Get Branch plants from UDC and pass to P43090 and process all records(Update process). Here we have to iterate over 2 components, UDC table to process all branch plants 43090 table to process all records of each branch plant. ORCH design: First ORCH- Fetch branch plants from...
  5. Ashwin Ramkumar

    E9.2 Orchestrator Performance Improvement

    Hi, I've Created an Orchestration which has three form request and Two rules and two custom groovy script and an Message request. The Process time it takes is almost 20 seconds. Can someone please tell on how to improve the performance to process this under 8 seconds or less. Also generally...
  6. aostdiek

    E9.2 API Rest Call ending in No Response

    I am starting to schedule some of my first Orchestrations and am attempting to start our Orchestrator Scheduler via API's, but am getting 'No Response' when trying to setup any initial API calls (done via Talend API Tester). Is there a resource available someone can direct me to, or does anyone...
  7. E9.2 Orchestration called from Composite page updates needed records but throws error message after completion

    Hi, We are in Orchestration runs successfully and throws no error when ran in Studio and P98ORCH. But when called from Composite page it does update the needed records but throws error after completion. Has anyone faced this issue? Regards, Kaliraj
  8. cazzafed

    E9.2 Help with the add item copying from an existing one

    Hi, im creating a orchestration where i add a Item in P4101 copying from existing one... This already existing item contains Item Branch... Can I also copy the branches and have them inserted in the new item?
  9. cazzafed

    E9.2 How To Update Multiple Lines into Order Detail

    Hello, in advance sorry for my English. i am using EnterpriseOne I am working on an orchestration to be able to copy sales orders. When copying these orders, I want to change some values in the grid, but the problem is when there are several lines within the detail, how can I change the...
  10. cvilac

    E9.2 Token Invalid: Please Request a new Token

    Hello! I have a strange problem. I made an orchestrator and it was added in a project as an object with role for few users. The question is this orchestrator works fine with my user but not for the others users. The orchestrator Exception message is: E1LoginException ==> "Token Invalid...
  11. E9.2 Orchestration stops adding records

    Hi All - We are using JDE E1 apps 9.2 , Tools 1.I have created a form request using process recorder to add recurring billings lines. This is the only component in the Orchestration ( ORch B). 2.I have a UBE where it first calls an Orchestration ( Orch A) which only updates records. The...
  12. How to get UBE status using JDE Orchestrator

    Requirement: 1. Launch UBE using JDE Orchestrator 2. Once UBE is finished, I want to send email notification to the user stating UBE completed successfully 3. and attached output of the UBE with the email. I'm struck at step 2. Please share your thoughts. Thanks, Nishant