E9.2 Creating a Form - FDA - beginner question



I have a general question if it is possible what we need to do and if yes how exactly the first steps are.

The request is to build a CafeOne what is working fine so far but to provide the data in a really useful way for the users we need to display only specific data which is currently accessible through several forms and this would require adding 6 or 7 applications/forms to the CafeOne what doesn't make sense.
This is a simple overview for user to get all the relevant item information in "one screen" instead of opening several applications.

Exact requirement:
Item Data overview CafeOne
1) Item Branch P41026 - form W41026E as main search part of the CafeOne
2) Item/Branch Plant Info P41026 - form W41026A
3) Partially data Additional System Info P41026 - form W41026D
4) Partially data of Category Codes P41026 - form W41026G
5) Partially data of Item Branch Quantities P41026 - form W41026C
6) Partially data of Item Master Storage/Shipping P4101 - form W4101D
7) Partially data of Item Master Additional System Information - P4101 - W4101C

We would like to have the CafeOne like
top left: search P41026 - form W41026E
bottom left: Branch Plant Info P41026 - form W41026A
top right: custom item branch form showing the specific data of point 3 + 4 + 5
bottom right: custom item master form showing the specific data of point 6 + 7

The plan is to create two custom forms for the top right and bottom right requirements which only show the required data.
Is that possible?

I have checked the Oracle documentation 1 Introduction to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Form Design Aid what sounds clear so far but I stuck at
Creating a Form

To create a form:
  1. In Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Object Management Workbench (OMW), create an application or open an existing one, and then start FDA.
  2. On Form Design Aid, select the type of form you want to create.
The following has been done in a test environment.
I have opened P98220W Object Management Workbench - Web but there I am not sure how to proceed.
It doesn't look that I can select an existing application and start FDA.
I can just create a Project Object but the Oracle documentation sounds a bit different and should be possible to open the P41026 and create a new form for it.
Object Management Workbench - Web P98220W.jpg

I am sorry if that's a dumb question as it probably is easy for most of you but I am not sure how to properly start.

Many thanks in advance for your feedback.
FDA is a development tool. You need a development fat client to use it as it is not web based.