item master

  1. E8.12 Item Master Inter Operability

    Hello Friends I was trying to import Item master by using Inbound Item Master Inquiry (P4101Z1) and then running the Item Master Inbound Transaction Process (R4101Z1i) to populate the F4101 Item Master file. P4101Z1 runs successfully and inserts the data in to the interface table (F4101Z1)...
  2. DynamicElber

    E9.1 Proper Setup of Superseded Part Numbers

    A while back, I was watching another company use Item Master in their setup of JDE and when a part was superseded, there was an indicator near the part number that told the user there was a new part number and what that new number was. Memory is foggy, but I want to say there was a message that...
  3. E9.2 Product Bundles - Different Item Number for same Underlying Inventory

    Is there any way in JDE to define something like a "Product Bundle" where you can have two different Item Numbers for the same underlying inventory / item but with different number of units? For example if we want to sell either at the item level or the pallet level and to have different SKUs...
  4. cazzafed

    E9.2 Help with the add item copying from an existing one

    Hi, im creating a orchestration where i add a Item in P4101 copying from existing one... This already existing item contains Item Branch... Can I also copy the branches and have them inserted in the new item?
  5. N/A Preferred Supplier in Branch/Planet Item Information (Item Master)

    I am new to JDE and I am in a small factory where not many people know how it works We want to be able to set our preferred Supplier for a given item and for that choice to remain unless manually changed again in Item Master - allowing us to always know our preferred Supplier for an item...
  6. AIS ITEM Master Creation

    Good Afternoon, I am new to the group and new to JDE and AIS. I am working on a project where I am building an integration between Thingworx and E1. We are currently on 9.1 and I am having a difficult time with the json package. I get my token and have all my forms and control ID's but cannot...
  7. Terry DeMoure

    Sellable Items in Supply Chain Planning

    Can someone provide me some additional information on utilizing the Sellable Item designation in EnterpriseOne 9.0. Can this be easily used to prohibit sales of a particular item but not restrict manufacturing or purchase?
  8. Setting up Discounts at item level.

    Hi all, I am stuck in particular scenario in my project. The scenario is that we have to provide a discounts at the item level for the tax calculation. I know how to provide discounts at order level but i don't know how to provide discounts at the line level. For example I have a sales order...