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orchestrator studio

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    Orchestrations not displaying in FORM EXTENSION MANAGER

    I created an orchestration to fill AP values in the address by adding a button , but when i go to associate the orchestration I only have notifications displayed and none of the orchestration is shown to call . Any idea ?
  2. Y

    B98ORCH output : parsing the output value in vase of exception

    Hi I have the requirement to get the output from the orchestration response in case of failure. We would like to create a table dedicated to end users, so they could now why their request failed. So if my output is like that : { "status":"ERROR", "message" ...
  3. J

    Orchestrator Studio all components are greyed out

    Hi List, I setup Orchestrator Studio 7.0 on Tools When we login to Orchestrator Studio all components are greyed out and shows as access denied. We have done the following security setup 1: Setup a user id in Server manager AIS under allowed user through which I can login into the...