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  1. cazzafed

    E9.2 TXT File Output

    Hi, I'm working on TXT output, but I'm on I read that in 9.2.6 we can work with input/ouput csv/txt files, but is it possible in Probably I need to concatenate to make a one full string like a "txt file" and return that... Could anybody advise me on that?
  2. E9.2 Orchestration schedule run After orchestration in deleted

    Hello everyone, I make an orchestration and a scheduling associated to the orch. After that I have activated the schedule from the scheduler control panel in the Orchestrator studio. So, I have deleted the orchestration and the scheduling, without deactive It from the control panel. In this way...
  3. cazzafed

    E9.2 Orchestrator Scheduler problem

    Hi folk, i'm working with Scheduler, but i have a problem. I have a "ORCH_JobsAlert" but this line it's frozen. Besides the user in column "User ID" it isn't my user. Any idea why?
  4. E9.2 Orchestration called from Composite page updates needed records but throws error message after completion

    Hi, We are in Orchestration runs successfully and throws no error when ran in Studio and P98ORCH. But when called from Composite page it does update the needed records but throws error after completion. Has anyone faced this issue? Regards, Kaliraj
  5. cazzafed

    E9.2 how to collect value from xml body with groovy

    Hi, i have this XML, i need collect values in <destinatariosEmail> section... any idea or help?
  6. cazzafed

    E9.2 Help with the add item copying from an existing one

    Hi, im creating a orchestration where i add a Item in P4101 copying from existing one... This already existing item contains Item Branch... Can I also copy the branches and have them inserted in the new item?
  7. cazzafed

    E9.2 How To Update Multiple Lines into Order Detail

    Hello, in advance sorry for my English. i am using EnterpriseOne I am working on an orchestration to be able to copy sales orders. When copying these orders, I want to change some values in the grid, but the problem is when there are several lines within the detail, how can I change the...
  8. E9.2 Parameter the id of the endpoint in Connections

    Hello all, Example endpoint : https://www.weather.com/city I want to parameter the value of city from the connector as an input. How can I target the city in the endpoint as a variable? Thanks and regards.
  9. E9.2 Orchestrator naming convention?

    Hi all I want to ask what I think is a simple question. Should there be a naming convention for Orchestrations? Are there any known issues that we should be aware of? And what about versions of a specific Orchestration that might get updated in the future with new capabilities...should we...
  10. E9.2 Orchestration Triggers

    Is it possible to set database triggers to launch orchestrations ? IE on feild changes or updates in tables ?
  11. E9.2 Passing Dataset from Data Request to Groovy

    I am able to pull JSON dataset out of Data Request but I want to pass that data to the next step (Custom function) Groovy, may someone please help to provide a simple groovy code just to print (echo) the data of the previous step once I get the data in Groovy step I will figure out how to...
  12. E9.2 Unable to login Orchestration

    Hi All, We are using JDE, for some roles we are facing issue while login into Orchestration. The error appeared when user try to login with correct credentials "Access Denied : You are not authorized to run this application". The role has proper UDO security as well as have...
  13. E9.2 Orchestrator - Creating Rest API using Connector

    Dear All, I have created and published a orchestration to create item in item master and its working fine locally. I want to generate service file to call it from outside. I am new to this orchestrator development . Can anyone please help me how to create a connector file using rest api for...
  14. Orchestrations not displaying in FORM EXTENSION MANAGER

    I created an orchestration to fill AP values in the address by adding a button , but when i go to associate the orchestration I only have notifications displayed and none of the orchestration is shown to call . Any idea ?
  15. ybuffetaud

    B98ORCH output : parsing the output value in vase of exception

    Hi I have the requirement to get the output from the orchestration response in case of failure. We would like to create a table dedicated to end users, so they could now why their request failed. So if my output is like that : { "status":"ERROR", "message" ...
  16. Orchestrator Studio all components are greyed out

    Hi List, I setup Orchestrator Studio 7.0 on Tools When we login to Orchestrator Studio all components are greyed out and shows as access denied. We have done the following security setup 1: Setup a user id in Server manager AIS under allowed user through which I can login into the...