E9.2 Doing drop ships from one branch plant to another


I would like to know if there is a way to cleanly put an order into one branch plant and have it ship to the customer from another branch plant. This is known in our world as a drop ship.

With multiple branches in E1 we often will take an order into one branch plant and then have another one fulfill the order. We currently use the ST/OT system and then edit the ship to address and put the original order number into the PO field of the order.

The big problem with this is that E1 does not keep a link between the ST/OT order and the original order in another branch plant so nothing gets update. IE if we update a delivery date in the BP that is making the item and delivering it this change does not carry through to the original order.

What we are hoping to do is that the decision to on what branch plant to put an order in is just a geographic one. Once the order goes in to a branch plant it is analyzed by the operations group and if they decide for what ever reason that it should be built in another branch plant they uses E1 capability to put the order into another plant and all the inter branch transactions are completed and fields updated in real time.

Has anyone in the group done this and if so what functionality in E1 did they use.
Have you tried changing the BP on the detail line on the sales order once the Operations group has decided where it needs to be fulfilled from?
If I remember correctly, there is a preference profile that allows the branch to be selected based customer and item criteria. Changing the branch manually on the detail line will definitely do it.
Hello, There are two ways to handle this.
1. If both branch plants are from Same companies then you can use Preference setup as per customer group (as mentioned in above suggestion by @bpizzoli , so at the time of Sales order entry to customer, it will automatically populates the preferred branch plant as per preference setup.
2. If both are from different companies then SI-SK/OK process can be used however that will generate SK/OK between Header branch company and detail branch company ( Finance must check if this is applicable ). Changing the branch plant would either manual or do it by Preference.