1. E9.2 Doing drop ships from one branch plant to another

    I would like to know if there is a way to cleanly put an order into one branch plant and have it ship to the customer from another branch plant. This is known in our world as a drop ship. With multiple branches in E1 we often will take an order into one branch plant and then have another one...
  2. Krusador

    A9.2 ASN requirement of tracking numbers for each carton

    Is anyone using JDE World to ship to retailers, specifically Amazon? They are now requiring that each carton of a small parcel shipment (Fedex, UPS, etc.) include its unique tracking number. We have been sending the "parent" number for each carton, but they are no longer accepting this...
  3. Cancelled quantity shows 1000 more in cancelleation by commitment and cancellation

    Hi Experts, I am facing a very strange issue. Our client is using World A7.3. When system do the cancellation automatically, the line goes to status 982/999 (cancellation by commitment) or 984/999(cancellation by shipment). This works correctly as per the set up as we are not back ordering the...