E9.2 Put a grid on a Fix/Inspect form


Hi. I'm developing an application with a Fix/Inspect form that call an orchestration and shows static info and values from that orchestration. Now I need to put more orchestration values but in a grid format. Is there some way to put a grid on it? Or do I need to change the form type that I'm using? In this case, wich form would be optimal for me?
Thank you people.
If you have a fix/inspect form that does NOT already have a grid you can add a grid to it. However, like Larry said you may want to do a power form in the event you need multiple grids.

Every single APPL I have created since power forms have been introduced I have used power forms for this very reason. Even if I think I will only ever need one grid I still do it as a power form so I have this option in the future.