1. E9.2 Data Dictionary redeploy over Enterprise Servers

    Is there any inherit risk around redeploying the data dictionary across the Enterprise Servers. We have added row security to a couple of data dictionary items which requires the redeploy to take affect. There is some concern that issues could arise if there where other changes to the data...
  2. alfredorz

    E9.2 Issue in LEX with Select and decimal values

    Hi JDE Friends, I have requeriments for update F4072 with Form Extension throught Orchestrator and LEX. Ok, this table has some peculiarities but I'm working to try Select with all index key except UPMJ and TDAY (I will never know why are in index). All It's OK in execution but fails with...
  3. alfredorz

    E9.2 IBM Db2 exception value out of range

    Hi JDE Friends, I'm reaching out regarding an issue encountered when Receipt Routing PO (P43250) where sometimes the lines do not close to status 999 as expected. We have IBM Db2 database. In the debug log, we've identified that the issue lies with is for user decimal separator configuration...
  4. alfredorz

    E9.2 Is possible call from BSSV to ORCH?

    Hi friends, We have a bssv that is called form third party. Currently, we have a orchestrator to call a rest service of other third party. And we want join this process and the two worlds, when bssv is called it call to orchestrator, I know directly is not possible, but I'm thinking if I create...
  5. E9.2 Remove blank spaces in front of the batch number (LOTN)

    How to remove blank spaces in front of the batch number (LOTN) without losing the traceability batch between the tables? Exist anything tools for this?
  6. aostdiek

    Quest Oracle Enhancement Tool Overview

    Here is a quick resource for finding and using the Quest Oracle Community Enhancement Tool, which lets you introduce and advocate for JDE improvements and enhancements that can be introduced in future product releases.
  7. E9.2 Put a grid on a Fix/Inspect form

    Hi. I'm developing an application with a Fix/Inspect form that call an orchestration and shows static info and values from that orchestration. Now I need to put more orchestration values but in a grid format. Is there some way to put a grid on it? Or do I need to change the form type that I'm...
  8. E9.2 User Permissions and table changes report

    Hi Guys I'm new to JDE and DB2 for i , and iSeries I need help with the below reports: 1. what access each user has? 2. roles and what can those role change on the system/db? 3. system/ DB changes history Trail? 4. Can I schedule it to run daily/week/Monthly?
  9. cazzafed

    E9.2 Issue with Run Orchestrator from Form Extension

    Hi, i have a problem when i wanna run a orchestration from Form Extension... the input param is obtained from a value in grid from selected row... when i execute this orchestration, this run ends correctly, but if execute another user the orchestration show this error We have made a log and...
  10. E9.2 Using Regular Expressions in BSFN or Event Rules

    Hello everyone!, Is there a Business Function that validates an expression that can contain Letters from A to Z (Upper Case) and digits (0-9) and must not have spaces?
  11. santismf

    E9.2 Granting Security to Business Function

    Dears, This is my first post, so please let me know if I'm asking this on the wrong forum! So I'm being asked by a functional user to create a role that grant full access to specific business functions (these start with an N*) and also they provided me with 5 tables in which they need to...
  12. E9.1 What are the tables will be hit when I enter sales order(p4210)

    what are the tables will be hit when i enter sales order
  13. E9.2 What is the difference between P0902 and P0911

    Could you please let me know the difference between P0902 and P0911
  14. A7.3 F3294 Config String History Join with F4211 Sales Order *Help Please*

    I'm Not sure which fields are the correct field to join with or what join to use. (between F3294 and F4211, F4211 as the primary file) Everything thing I try, the data in the config string either ends up wrong or incomplete. I'm just wondering what fields I should join with in F4211 to get...
  15. E9.2 The JDE B9 Client Network service shuts down unexpectedly.

    Issue when applying web package build. On Windows Event Viewer where deployment server is installed we got: The JDE B9 Client Network service shuts down unexpectedly. This happened 6 time(s). Any help ? Thanks
  16. DSI MEP with JDE UN5 ASU

    We use DSI/MEP 9.0 with Jde 9.2 tools 9245 I was wondering if anyone else has taken UN5 and got it to work with MEP 9.0? And if yes, how did you do it? Any workarounds or updates? We are currently in the process of getting code current in JDE. We have applied the latest ASU UN5 and the ESUs...
  17. E9.2 Can a query be build in JDE using 'EXECUTE IMMEDIATE'-like functions?

    Let's say I have a table in JDE from which I can assemble a SELECT-type query, including fields, tables, JOINs, &c. Somehow I can add the logic to build up a string that would look like my sentence. Is there a way to execute that query & retrieve the results into a Fetch-like command for...
  18. E9.2 JDE DR setup

    Hello Everyone, We are in process of setting up new DR for JDE 920 on windows with Oracle 12c DB. Dataguard already available for DB, we are in process of spinning up new VM's on DR location and use snapshots from existing setup and change tnsnames to DR DB. What are the folders needs to sync...
  19. E9.2 Copy attachment on Purchase orders to MS-Teams. Is this possible?

    Hi all, I am thinking if it is possible to pick header/line attachment on Purchase Orders and send it to MS-Teams or another location from where it can be picked up and sent to MS-Teams. Please advise. Thank you in advance :)
  20. E9.2 JDE 9.2 Crew Size - Rounding?

    Does anyone know what digit JDE rounds the crew size? It appears to be to the tenths place (0.1) but we are trying to use it to the hundredths (0.11) Thanks!