1. E9.2 Using Regular Expressions in BSFN or Event Rules

    Hello everyone!, Is there a Business Function that validates an expression that can contain Letters from A to Z (Upper Case) and digits (0-9) and must not have spaces?
  2. santismf

    E9.2 Granting Security to Business Function

    Dears, This is my first post, so please let me know if I'm asking this on the wrong forum! So I'm being asked by a functional user to create a role that grant full access to specific business functions (these start with an N*) and also they provided me with 5 tables in which they need to...
  3. E9.1 What are the tables will be hit when I enter sales order(p4210)

    what are the tables will be hit when i enter sales order
  4. E9.2 What is the difference between P0902 and P0911

    Could you please let me know the difference between P0902 and P0911
  5. A7.3 F3294 Config String History Join with F4211 Sales Order *Help Please*

    I'm Not sure which fields are the correct field to join with or what join to use. (between F3294 and F4211, F4211 as the primary file) Everything thing I try, the data in the config string either ends up wrong or incomplete. I'm just wondering what fields I should join with in F4211 to get...
  6. E9.2 The JDE B9 Client Network service shuts down unexpectedly.

    Issue when applying web package build. On Windows Event Viewer where deployment server is installed we got: The JDE B9 Client Network service shuts down unexpectedly. This happened 6 time(s). Any help ? Thanks
  7. DSI MEP with JDE UN5 ASU

    We use DSI/MEP 9.0 with Jde 9.2 tools 9245 I was wondering if anyone else has taken UN5 and got it to work with MEP 9.0? And if yes, how did you do it? Any workarounds or updates? We are currently in the process of getting code current in JDE. We have applied the latest ASU UN5 and the ESUs...
  8. E9.2 Can a query be build in JDE using 'EXECUTE IMMEDIATE'-like functions?

    Let's say I have a table in JDE from which I can assemble a SELECT-type query, including fields, tables, JOINs, &c. Somehow I can add the logic to build up a string that would look like my sentence. Is there a way to execute that query & retrieve the results into a Fetch-like command for...
  9. E9.2 JDE DR setup

    Hello Everyone, We are in process of setting up new DR for JDE 920 on windows with Oracle 12c DB. Dataguard already available for DB, we are in process of spinning up new VM's on DR location and use snapshots from existing setup and change tnsnames to DR DB. What are the folders needs to sync...
  10. E9.2 Copy attachment on Purchase orders to MS-Teams. Is this possible?

    Hi all, I am thinking if it is possible to pick header/line attachment on Purchase Orders and send it to MS-Teams or another location from where it can be picked up and sent to MS-Teams. Please advise. Thank you in advance :)
  11. E9.2 JDE 9.2 Crew Size - Rounding?

    Does anyone know what digit JDE rounds the crew size? It appears to be to the tenths place (0.1) but we are trying to use it to the hundredths (0.11) Thanks!
  12. E9.2 Print Media Object Attachment Image File in BI

    Hello Everyone, Anyone know how to print image file of media object in the BI report. Regards, Abhay JDE E1 9,2
  13. E9.2 Standard JDE functions B4309570 & B4302450 fails to retrieve runtime data selection when ran from Smart Scheduler

    Hi, We are on application release 9.1 and tools with windows 2012 servers. JDE job is scheduled using a custom scheduling tool which has feature to override data selection of JDE jobs(UBE). This works fine for all the jobs except a job that is using JDE standard function B4309570-...
  14. A8.9 aw9rt.exe (GUI/400 RTS Pro 4.1C1) + Windows 10

    Hello, I know that we have an old system. We use what we called WorldVision. GUI/400 RTS Pro v4.1C1. On Windows 10 with an Office 365, when we double click on the icon, nothing appears. The process aw9rt.exe is there if you go to the task manager. If we disable all Office 365, teams, skypes...
  15. Terry DeMoure

    HUG Change of Venue 2020

    Dear HUG Users Group Members: Today Governor Abbott implemented “PHASE ONE TO OPEN TEXAS” and we are watching for the next steps. Your HUG board met and voted to change our first 2020 meeting to Thursday, July 23. The HESS Club, our regular venue, did not charge us anything for the canceled...
  16. Terry DeMoure

    New hug meeting registration process

    When you register it is nothing like previous last years on RegOnline (which has end of life) as registration will now be facilitated exclusively on our website at https://lnkd.in/eQrjnb9 You will need your login ID (email address) and Password to login as a member or login as a Guest (new...
  17. Terry DeMoure

    WE ARE READY! HUG 2020 Q1 MEETING March 26th 2020

    Our agenda is set and we, the HUG Executive BOD, are very excited about our session offerings and especially our CIO keynote presenter who was up for CIO of the year. Our Keynote speaker is Sherry Hunyadi who is VP of Information Technology at Beusa Energy will be speaking "Building a Culture...
  18. C Business Function

    I am trying to write C Business Function first time. I have Data Structure in .h typedef struct tagDSD5501A3A { MATH_NUMERIC mnInput1; MATH_NUMERIC mnInput2; MATH_NUMERIC mnOutput; JCHAR cOperator; JCHAR szErrorId[11]; JCHAR...
  19. Copying a File from Windows to AS400 Location.

    Hi, I am trying to copy a file from Windows to AS400 Location, which is working fine using B4700230 - DeleteOrCopyFlatFile. Scenario 1: But the issue is whenever a data in file consists of "%" value in any area of data it creates a new line (% working as a new line character ) Scenario 2...
  20. EnterpriseOne Security Violation [9.2]

    Got a user that gets an email saying "EnterpriseOne Security Violation for R42750" when creating Sales Orders and doing another standard activities for his role. No one else under the same role or profile set up is experiencing this, it started quite recently. Doesn't actually look security...