E9.2 Get Processing Option Values



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Hi folks,

There are any bsfn or similar to get a specific value or option proccess by generic application and version??? I supposed this is debated a lot for here, but I only find a post.

I know exist BSFN API in C for para specific application what defined application data structure and you can map returned values, and I am doing a lot of this implementations.

But I want or I'm interesting in a generic function. I saw a post here about B920030 BSFN and I've seen how use R98306 batch with caches and return all. I know you can extract for F983051 blob field, but not it's very practical works with it.

By orchestrator we can get values from this API https://docs.oracle.com/en/applicat...roduct/9.2/rest-api/op-v2-poservice-post.html and it's powerfull when call outside. How are they doing internally it?? with the previous bsfn?

My idea is get values for create a Orchestrator Dataservice, I could call Orchestrator API but from inside (very strange, impractical), I could create a few bsfn for specific applications/ube, I could execute a form request a get values from standard applications but the problem is return in detail and I need group data (here I can "play" with groovy suppose), and other ways probably.

Any idea??

Kind regards.
I found B9090001 - GetProcessingOptionData, And seems works fine pass application, version and id (I'll prefer by name, but It's good).

The problem is client only, but I've saw the code and I believe could be works in server, so probably I copy this function only and try.

I saw a external program that get processing option value by application, version and name, but I don't know how done it.