E9.2 /v2/tokenrequest versus /v3/orchestrator/jde-login


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We currently use /v2/tokenrequest and /v2/tokenrequest/logout to login/get token/logout for calling orchestrations from outside of JDE.

Reading through "REST API for JDE AIS Server" https://docs.oracle.com/en/applicat...st-api/op-v3-orchestrator-jde-login-post.html
I see there is also /v3/orchestrator/jde-login and /v3/orchestrator/jde-logout.

I've been trying to find something in Oracle support that explains the difference between the two but can't find anything. On the surface they seem to do the same thing. Anybody have or can point me to more information about the differences?

Maybe this will help
It's to do with your studio TR release and what you may want back. You're on 9.2.6? So maybe just use v3

I ended up putting in an Oracle support ticket and got this reply back:

Functionally there is no difference between jdetokenrequest and /orchestrator/jde-login.

The main purpose we created the orchestrator/jde-login endpoint was so that clients discovering orchestrations with open api or swagger would have session management endpoints available along with orchestration endpoints. So if they were using a tool (like VBCS) to connect via open api, they would have access to those endpoints without having to create a separate connection.

You can definitely use them interchangeably.
Sorry I misread your request a bit I think.
I thought you wanted to know the difference between v2 and v3 stuff :) Apologies and thanks for the info as I know my .NET team have been playing with those APIs