E9.2 Orchestrator Scheduler AIS & HTML startup coordination and REST start/restart


I'm having trouble with AIS instances configured as scheduler servers actually starting the scheduler on host system startup. If I manually stop the AIS Scheduler instance and start it back up from Server Manager well after system boot it starts the scheduler and starts any jobs flagged as autostart.

I think it is failing because the HTML server running in the same WebLogic container isn't fully ready in time. Oracle says "AIS server must be started after the HTML servers have started in order to correctly complete initialization for the Scheduler to run properly." (Doc ID 2828281.1) WebLogic Server documentation says you can modify deployment order values and if they are the same it goes in alphabetical order by deployment name. Changing the name seemed to be more easily controlled and something that can persist through updates and upgrades, but it doesn't seem to help. Maybe because the HTML server isn't ready enough before the AIS scheduler tries reaching out.

Should this be working or are there more steps to make sure that the AIS server is started after the HTML server finished starting?

I thought I might work around this issue by posting to the AIS REST endpoint at /jderest/v2/scheduler/startScheduler because Oracle says "enter the following command in a browser to get it to resume and start processing jobs. http://xxxxxxxx/jderest/v2/scheduler/startScheduler" (Doc ID 2828281.1). That does start the scheduler as indicated in the Orchestration Studio's Scheduler screen but it does not start autostart jobs.

I looked at /jderest/v2/scheduler/start but it seems to start all jobs with a schedule as the user making the call and not just Autostart as the user who configured autostart like starting the AIS Scheduler Server from Server Manager or WebLogic does.

Should the autostart jobs start when startScheduler is called or is it expected that API will not autostart jobs?

If it is not supposed to autostart jobs is there an API call that will start just the autostart jobs as their configured user?

Is there a better way to automate starting the scheduler and all the autostart jobs in case they aren't running?

The current setup is JDE in WebLogic 12c on Windows Server 2019.

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Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts!
There seems to be a lot in your explanation of the issue.
In trying to break it down into more manageable pieces... is the main issue that the AIS server is starting before the HTML server is ready for it?
If so, what method are you using to start your managed instances: Node Manager as Windows Service, individual managed instances as Windows Services, WLST scripts, etc.?
I believe so, yes. I think it is starting after, as far as WebLogic is concerned, but the E1 HTML takes a bit to really be ready and I don't think AIS is waiting for E1 HTML to be ready before starting Scheduler so we get an error and the scheduler doesn't successfully autostart. If E1 HTML is fully running and I stop and start AIS using Server Manager then autostart works.

Windows starts WebLogic as a service. I don't think we are using any weblogic scripting, just autostart configured from Server Manager.
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